The official Uncharted Universe Wikia! It is currently focused on UU2, the current version of Uncharted Universe."

Welcome to the Uncharted Universe Roblox Wikia

This website is the official wikia for the ROBLOX game Uncharted Universe by RobloxPilot6. It is currently managed by him and one of the players, Jm934.

Wiki Rules

1. New articles and edits should actually be real and it does exist/happen in the game.

2. Article editing is allowed for anyone with a registered account. All edits will be managed by staff.

3. Offending material is not allowed in articles and edits. Comments that may be offensive may be edited by staff.

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What is Uncharted Universe?

Well, since you asked, it is a game in ROBLOX focusing on exploration and survival.
A 100% free, frequently updated, classic-styled, sandbox game of engineering, survival, war and discovery.
Uncharted Universe II features procedurally generated 4000 x 4000 worlds, an entire in-game wiki, advanced building systems, server save slots, 8 technology levels, space with microgravity and orbit mechanics, wormholes, hyperdrives, robots, programmable computers, 4.6 million planets, over 180 parts and tools, working time travel and far more than can be listed here.
It is too complex for most; to play, you must team up with other players to understand and discover the many things that you can do. Or, you can be like most and punch the first person you see until he vaporizes you. In Uncharted Universe II, it is indeed survival of the fittest...
- Uncharted Universe II Game Description
Play it here!

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