The Uncharted Universe Wikia! It is currently focused on UU2, the current version of Uncharted Universe."

Welcome to the Uncharted Universe Roblox Wikia

This website is the wikia for the ROBLOX game Uncharted Universe by RobloxPilot6. The wikia is mostly managed by one of the players, Jm934.

As the game changes and updates rapidly, much of the info in this wiki is outdated until more people can work on it.

Wiki Rules

1. New articles and edits should actually be real and it does exist/happen in the game.

2. Article editing is allowed for anyone with a registered account. All edits will be managed by staff.

3. Offending material is not allowed in articles and edits. Comments that may be offensive may be edited by staff.

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What is Uncharted Universe?

Gather resources from your environment and build up your technology from prehistoric times to the far future. What you do then is up to you...

Uncharted Universe II is a Roblox game of engineering, survival, war, exploration, society, and just about anything you can come up with. Perhaps the most influential thing here is the fact that you aren't alone; all players are in a single world, good or evil.

The game is frequently updated, and has grown substantially over time. UU2 features an enormous amount of technologies and items, many of which are found nowhere else on Roblox, and a few perhaps not in any other game.

-Randomly generated worlds that are replaced every 250 gameplay hours. -Continental maps with ores and materials scattered around the globe. -Over 160 unique items that explode, glow, energize, freeze, bounce, shield, burn, warp, push, connect, and more. -Space with microgravity, capable of realistic orbits around the Earth. -4.6 billion smaller planets (46,656 different ones per world) that can be visited and mined for resources. -A text-saving system that converts models to text files, allowing them to be saved on your computer. -The capability to build virtually any type of vehicle: cars, airplanes, helicopters, boats, submarines, airships, legged robots, rockets, hovertanks, and of course spaceships. -A large array of weapons and defensive devices for wars and battles. -Decent aircraft flight physics. -Programmable computers that can be commanded to do tasks. -A time machine that can be used to view any point in the world's history, or even to bring back lost items. -In-game database with full information on every part and tool. -Countless other features.

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