The game includes a couple of mechanics to make it more realistic, such as the Temparature gauge and the aliens. This page has information for them.


The temperature can change very quickly, be it night or day. It is recommended that you at least have a coat to manage the temperature. Temperature will also decrease continuously while going to higher elevations.


Falling recklessly in the game can lead to disastrous results. You can fall at a maximum of 299 studs until you die. Even though a glitch sometimes stops the script from killing you after the fall.


When travelling in space, there will be no air, so a Space Suit or an Airshield is required. During your space travels, you may encounter some aliens, who may or may not notice you. But, when they do, they also may or may not decide to invade you.

When reentering the Earth's atmosphere, make sure that your ship is covered in CarbonFiber, to stop it from burning. All parts, except CarbonFiber and Eridanium, burn up when exposed during spacecraft reentry.

Alien Types:

  • Scout Ship - Usually comes through warpgates, requiring them to be blocked. They have space weaponry, abantium armor and the ability to self-destruct.
  • Alien Mothership
    Mothership - The only thing you should protect yourself from. It has weapons ranging from Phazers to FusionLasers, it is almost unstoppable. It also has Eridanium armor making it resistant to most weapons.


Three kinds of storms occur in the game; Rainstorm, Snowstorm and Sandstorm. All of these can corrode all but a few select items.



Many, but not all, items can corrode under the pelting of rain and snow as of the 2.4.2 update. They corrode rather quickly. Corrosion also causes them to not function, so you have to replace them.