This is the list of creations made by players in Uncharted Universe II. Anyone may create a page about their creation/mechanism here. If a vehicle fits into more than one category (such as an amphibious vehicle), place it in the category where it has best performance.

Land Vehicles

  • Tanks
    • Sci-Corp MK I Heavy Destroyer
  • Hovertanks
  • Light Attack Vehicles
  • Frogs (bouncing/jumping vehicles)
  • Mechs
  • Civilian (no weapons)


  • Warships
  • Aircraft Carriers
  • Submarines
  • Civilian (no weapons)


  • Fighter Planes
  • Bomber Planes (or Bomber/Fighter)
  • Airships
  • Helicopters
  • Gliders/Kites
  • Civilian (no weapons)

Space Vehicles

  • General-Purpose Spaceships
  • Battle Spaceships
  • Rockets
  • Civilian (no weapons)


  •  ???